October 22, 2020

Vision, Mission, and Program Educational Objective




To become an internationally recognized study program aiming to develop mathematics on the basis of the Indonesian maritime continent in the year 2030


M1. To deliver a learning program in mathematics through an innovative and effective process to upgrade the students’ creativity towards the national and international standard;
M2. To build up a culture of undertaking research among students and lecturers as to increase the number of internationally reputed publications;
M3. To be actively involved in social activities and cooperation with other academic institutions, governmental bodies, and business companies;
M4. To implement efficient, effective, transparent, IT-based and ISO-Standard management within the study program towards the achievement of the “Tridharma”.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

The Program Educational Objectives (PEO) of Bachelor Program in Mathematics are formulated to yield graduates who:

PEO 1. have comprehensive and integrative mathematical knowledge with scientific and technological insight that can be developed by the students individually as well as by group work;
PEO 2. are able to learn independently and literate the development of concepts and methods in mathematics and other related fields to solve a theoretical problem and applied problem;
PEO 3. have the basic ability to develop themselves according to their professional needs and be able to compete in their working environment.