October 22, 2020

Program Specification


1. Program Title
  Bachelor’s Degree Program in Mathematics
2. Awarding institution
  Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Hasanuddin.
3. Postal address
  Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan Km. 10 Tamalanrea Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, 90241.
4. Email and website
  Email: prodi-math@unhas.ac.id,Website: http://math.sci.unhas.ac.id/
5. Details of the accreditation by a professional or statutory body
  Mathematics Study Program is awarded grade “A” by National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education in Indonesia (BAN-PT) with accreditation number 972/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/IX/2015. The accreditation is valid from 03-09-2015 until 03-09-2020.
6. Title awarded
  Sarjana Sains (Bachelor of Sciences in Mathematics)
7. Program starting date
  The academic year is started on August
8. Admission requirements for the program
  Graduated from high schools or equivalent, pass the university entrance test (SNM-PTN, SBM-PTN, or Local Admission Test) (http://www.unhas.ac.id/pmb/)
9. Study mode
  Full Time (07.30 AM-05.00 PM)
10. Drop out rule
  A minimum of 48 credits points must be passed after four semesters and must not exceed 7 years of the study period
11. The date on which the program specification was revised
  February 2019