October 22, 2020

Academic Staffs

Prof. Dr. Amir Kamal Amir, M.Sc. 

Research Interest :
Ring Theory, Algebraic Graph Theory

email: amirkamir@science.unhas.ac.id

Prof. Dr. Moh. Ivan Azis, M.Sc

Research Interest : 
Numerical Simulation of Mathematical Models for Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Materials

email: ivan@unhas.ac.id

Prof. Dr. Jeffry Kusuma

Research Interest :
Modelling and Numerical Computation

email: jeffry.kusuma@unhas.ac.id

Prof. Dr. Hasmawati, M.Si.

Research Interest : Ramsey Numbers

email: hasmawati@unhas.ac.id

Prof. Dr. Syamsuddin Toaha, M.Sc.

Research Interest : Applied Mathematics

email: syamsuddint@unhas.ac.id

Prof. Aidawayati Rangkuti

Research Interest :​
Operation Research and Application​

email: aidawayati@unhas.ac.id

Prof. Dr.Eng. Mawardi, S.Si.,M.Si.

Research Interest :
Analysis (Quarternion)

email: mawardi.bahri@unhas.ac.id

Dr. Budi Nurwahyu, MS.

Research Interest :
Fixed Point Theory in Generalized b-metric Spaces

email: budinurwahyu@unhas.ac.id

Agustinus Ribal, S.Si.,M.Sc., Ph.D

Research Interest :

Computational Mathematics, Global Wave Model: ADCIRC, SWAN and WW3, Marine Engineering (Ocean Wind & Waves), Ocean Engineering (Ocean Waves), Ocean Renewable Energy

email: aribal@unhas.ac.id

Dr. Firman, S.Si.,M.Si.

Research Interest :
Nonlinear and Optimal Control Systems​

email: firman@unhas.ac.id

Dr. Kasbawati, S.Si.,M.Si.

Research Interest :
Applied Mathematics (modeling in system biology-metabolic system, mathematical epidemiology)

email: kasbawati@unhas.ac.id

Dr. Muhammad Zakir, M.Si.

Research Interest :
Analysis (Norm Space)

email: zakir@fmipa.unhas.ac.id

Dr. Nurdin, S.Si., M.Si.
(Head of Department Mathematics)

Research Interest :
Discrete Mathematics and Graph Labeling

email: nurdin1701@unhas.ac.id

Jusmawati Massalesse, S.Si., M.Si.

Research Interest :
Analysis and Applied Mathematics

email: jusmawati@unhas.ac.id

Naimah Aris, S.Si., M.Math.

Research Interest :
Applied Functional Analysis and Partial Differential Equation

email: naimah.aris@unhas.ac.id

Andi Galsan Mahie, S.Si., M.Si.

Research Interest : Applied Mathematics

email: andigalsan@unhas.ac.id

Dra. Nur Erawati, M.Si.

Research Interest : Algebra

email: nurerawati@unhas.ac.id

Drs. Khaeruddin, M.Sc.

Research Interest : Applied Mathematics

email: khaeruddin@unhas.ac.id

Dr. Muh. Nur, S.Si.,M.Si.

Research Interest :
Functional Analysis and Fourier Analysis

email: muhammadnur@unhas.ac.id