October 22, 2020

Program Learning Outcomes

1Academics/Teaching MathematicsGraduates (Bachelor of Mathematics) who have comprehensive and integrative mathematical knowledge and skills that can be applied professionally as a teacher or lecturer at a college, university, or an institution of higher degree education, and be able to develop its knowledge and skills at a higher level of education.
2Young ResearchersGraduates (Bachelor of Mathematics) who have the ability to conduct research with a comprehensive mastery of research methods for solving some related problems in their professional life.
3AnalystGraduates (Bachelor of Mathematics) who have the ability to identify any mathematical problem in mathematics and other related fields to analyze the strategic solution of the problem.
4PractitionerGraduates (Bachelor of Mathematics) who have the ability to apply their mathematical methods on any fields such as industries, services, and governments.
5Middle-Level ManagerGraduates (Bachelor of Mathematics) who become a decision maker.