October 22, 2020

Mathematics Event XX Regional Selection

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On March 1, the Mathematics Student Association (HIMATIKA) held a regional selection simultaneously on regional bone, majene, pare-pare, tana toraja, bantaeng, samarinda, ambon, kendari, and jayapura.

he Mathematics Event (ME) which has been held since 2000 has given birth to many champions, both at the elementary, middle and high school levels. At the beginning of the implementation of ME I only provided opportunities for Makassar high school students, but in the next ME both the level of participants and the scope of participants continued to increase. In ME XIV last March, ME has been able to accommodate elementary school students throughout Sulselbar, Sulawesi junior high schools and high schools throughout Indonesia. Judging from the enthusiasm of the participants and the implementation from the year of the Mathematics Event, it deserved to be chosen as the most prestigious and biggest mathematical competition in the Eastern Indonesia region. And as a manifestation of the desire to continue to evolve, the Mathematics Event was planned to undergo a revolution. The revolution referred to here will cover the whole concept of activity.(https://himatika-unhas.org/mathevent/)

The scope of the competition will cover all of Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke. It is hoped that with this new concept, ME will again achieve success in the wider region. ME is expected to also be able to grow the souls of mathematicians who are able to compete.