SNAMA 2016

Makassar, October 8 2016

The Department of Mathematics of Hasanuddin University in collaboration with the Indonesian Community of Mathematical Analysis (KAMINDO) and IndoMS Makassar branch will host a National Symposium on Mathematical Analysis and Application (SNAMA 2016).

The theme of the 9th National Symposium on Mathematical Analysis 2016 is “Role of Mathematical Analysis In Science And Technology”.

National Symposium on Mathematical Analysis 2016 (SNAMA 2016) is an annual scientific meeting that aims to disseminate the results of research in the form of presentations and discussions so that awakened networks and synergies among researchers, research institutions and industry in developing and applying mathematical analysis in many fields, which in turn stimulating interaction and cooperation of the participants.

This symposium can be attended by researchers to promote research results obtained and to seek research cooperation from various disciplines. In addition, this symposium should be the good ocassion to get ideas from latest research in the field of mathematics as much as the opportunities for research publications in indexed international journals.

For that reasoning, organizers and sponsors expect participation of experts in mathematical analysis from all provinces of this country. Visit us at:

The 2016 SNAMA leaflet can be downloaded here.

The 2016 SNAMA Registration Form can be downloaded here.

That template of Abstract of SNAMA 2016 can be downloaded here.

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