National Mathematics Seminar of IndoMS Sulawesi region 2017 (SENAMAS 2017) has a specific target that will select the high quality research paper written by faculty and students of UNHAS and other Universities in Eastern Indonesia to be published in Scopus indexed international journal. It should certainly provide a very significant impact on the ever increasing number of international publications and academic communities published by Unhas and other Universities in Eastern Indonesia in Scopus indexed journals. The data obtained show that as of January 2016, there were 819 scientific articles published work of UNHAS’ lecturers Unhas in Scopus indexed journals. The main objective of SENAMAS is to increase the number of publications improving UNHAS’ 9th rank as Indonesian State University with most international publications.

National Mathematics Seminar Sulawesi region 2017 (SENAMAS 2017) is the 1st annual scientific meeting aiming at disseminating the outcomes of research through network and synergies building among researchers, research centers and mathematics departments in developing and applying mathematics, statistics, Computer Science , and mathematics education on the development of science and technologies that ultimately formed the integral cooperation.

SENAMAS can be used by UNHAS’ researchers to promote research results obtained and establish research collaboration of various disciplines. In addition, it can also be used by researchers to obtain ideas and the latest research trends in the field of mathematics, statistics and computer sciences being developed so that the chances of research publications in international journals indexed can be magnified by the novelty factor of research themes studied.

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