Strategic Plan

To achieve the set up objectives, the Mathematics Department of Hasanuddin University has the following targets:

  1. The delivery of mathematics learning through student centered learning (SCL) with the right method.
  2. The realization of Learning Management System (LMS) as an effective media of the mathematical learning.
  3. The involvement of students in research and community services.
  4. To achievement of qualified graduates based on Indonesian National Qualification Framework (INQF).

Besides, in order to realize the vision and to accomplish the mission as well as to achieve the objectives, the department has also set strategic goals of work program that includes the following five development programs:

  1. Curriculum development program and the learning of mathematics;
  2. An integrated research development program;
  3. The program of upgrading the quality of laboratory services;
  4. Student creativity enhancement program;
  5. Community service development program.

Based on the above five development program, the working program is then set with three phases of strategic achievement of and implementation as follows:

  • Phase I (2013-2015): Strengthening the management and services;
  • Phase II (2015-2017): Phase I and strengthening regional competitiveness;
  • Phase III (2017-2020): Phase II and strengthening national competitiveness.

The target to be achieved from all three stages including their baseline can be seen from the following table:

No. Achievement by 2020 Baseline 2013 Notes
1 Accreditation A (2014) B
2 International Publication 15 5 60% of the total number of professors
3 Community Services 8 2
4 Funded Research 22 6 90% of the total number of professors
5 Student’s GPA 88% > 3.0 50% > 3.0
6 Unemployed period of graduates < 3 months < 1 year (8.9 months)
7 Quality input 1 : 50 1 : 10
8 HR, Doctor (S3) 23 people 11 people 99% of the total number of professors
9 MOU of national education and research 6 4
10 MOU of national education and research 4 0

The strategies used to achieve the above targets is by implementing department work program as follows:

Suggest to any lecturer for using one of the methods of learning on the SCL that is combined with the corresponding TCL character of courses taught.
Support staff for further study to a higher level.
Carry out seminars/conferences/workshops nationally and internationally.
Implementing competency-based curriculum to suit KKNI.
Run The SOP
Implement quality assurance and self valuation on an ongoing basis.
Empower every lab.
Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the curriculum.
Student academic services improvement.
The improvement of supervision activities/student creativity.
Refine the curriculum.
Do work closely with other agencies in the field of academic and non-academic.
Encourage staff lecturers to get grant international.
Mengintruksikan to the lecturer to involve students in research.
Cultivating the internal lab seminar involving students.

The operational plan of the above work programme in detail in the book describe the vision, mission and work Program PS Math by 2013-2014