Learning Outcomes



  1. Obedient to God Almighty and is able to show a religious attitude;
  2. Uphold the human values in carrying out tasks based on religion, morals, and ethics;
  3. Internalize values, ethical norms, and academic;
  4. Acts as a citizen who is proud of and love for the homeland, as well as a sense of nationalism has a responsibility to the State and nation;
  5. Appreciate cultural diversity, views, religion, and belief, as well as original findings or opinions of others;
  6. Contribute to the improvement of quality of life of society, a nation, a country, and the progress of civilization based on Pancasila;
  7. Work together and have the social sensitivity and concern for society and the environment;
  8. Obey the law and discipline in the life of society and State;
  9. Internalize the spirit of independence, struggling, and entrepreneurship;
  10. Demonstrate an attitude of responsibility for work in the field of his expertise independently.


  1. Able to develop mathematical thinking, beginning from the procedural understanding/computing including a broad understanding of logical reasoning, exploration, abstraction, generalization, and evidence of formal;
  2. Able to observe, identify, formulate and solve problems through mathematical approaches with or without the help of the software;
  3. Able to analyze, modify, reconstruct/thinking in mathematical problems against structured from a system/problem, examine the accuracy and interpreting it;
  4. Being able to utilize a variety of mathematical problem-solving alternatives already available independently or group to the appropriate decision-making;
  5. Being able to adapt or develop themselves, both in the field of mathematics as well as other relevant fields (including the field of their work places).


  1. Master the theoretical concept of mathematics covering mathematical logic, discrete mathematics, algebra, geometry and analysis, as well as opportunities and statistical theory;
  2. Master the principles of mathematical modeling, linear, differential equations, and methods.